Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Lied.

So I realize that when I tell you all something, I normally don't fall through with it. I don't mean to, I just can't stick to my word. I told you all that I would be blogging everyday that Kevin is at work, correct? Well I haven't. Kevin worked on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and he ended up working yesterday too. Well I only blogged once and that was on Saturday. I find it hard to blog everyday when I had just cleared my head of what to write the day before cause I had blogged. I'm going to try to blog every 2-5 days though. I have set a new goal for myself and that is to get to 14 followers. Everytime I get a follower I get so happy. Well I am currently in my computer class. The new trimester started yesterday. Now I have in this order: Web design, Biology, Geometry, Lunch, Advisory, Freshmen History, and Freshmen Health. I hate Freshmen so much. I know I was just a Freshman last year but jeez. This year's Freshmen really suck. They're so annoying. I have like 6 Freshmen that I'm cool with. The rest can disappear. I kinda like my classes this year though. I think that classes are so much easier the second time around anyways. So I'll actually try to do good this Trimester. It's strange, I say that every trimester, but I never do good. I know that I'm going to do good in my Geometry class cause I'm actually good at math. Wanna know what's weird? I hate being in classes with my friends. Yeah I know, it makes us closer and stuff but I just can't concentrate when I'm in a class with my friends. I want to actually do good in school. But I'm not going to if I don't try and I don't try if I'm with my friends. I'm in Geometry with my friends, sadly. But I'm going to try to ignore them. Biology, I have like one friend in there with is good cause I failed science because I was in there with a lot of my friends. Same with Social Studies last trimester. I don't like being in classes with my friends. I won't put up any effort.
In other news. Kevin's birthday is in 15 days! I have known exactly what to get him since about April. I'm excited. I want to try and make it the best gift ever. I only spent 10 on him at the Mall, then I spent 30 at Meijer and I'm not even close to finished. I got a lot of the little stuff done. I still gotta make the card and go to Michael's.
So I got off the bus with Kevin yesterday. I had fun. It was the first time I was over since last Wednesday because he has to work so much. Wanna know what sucks? He got called into to work. And he said yes. That made me upset. They asked him if he would come in. He didn't have to. But he chose to. Even though he knows that I can hardly see him. I did have fun while I could though. I just wish I could have him to myself for once.
So I'm pretty sure I'm going to Amber's on Thursday for the rest of the week. Yay! I don't know what else to say. So here's a few random pictures.

I love Himalayan cats.

I actually made this picture.
I was in an anime kind of mood.

I've grown an obsession with online Monopoly.

Letting the natural hair show.

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