Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get to know me.

I realized something. I know all my posts have something to do with me but I haven't made a post of just me. So you all really don't know much about me. It will most likely be extremely boring but I need to write a post anyways.
I was born July 9th, 1995. I am 15 and a current sophomore at CNE High School. I am apparently a female since I seem to have a vagina. I am in Marching band. I love it but it is exhausting. I play the Clarinet. My favorite colors are dark purple and black. I have Green eyes with brown dots and a blue outline. I've recently gotten glasses. I have brown hair that I keep straightened. It is naturally wavy/puffy/curly. I want to grow my hair down to my butt. I always win at paleness wars so don't think that you're paler. I'm white but not white enough. I have lots of freckles. I currently have a Ganglion Cyst in my left wrist that I have to get removed on December 15th. I prefer dark chocolate over milk and white. My favorite candy is Milk duds. They are the shit. i have 5'4/5'5. I weigh 1_5. Only one person knows how much I weigh. I'm not good at talking to people I'm not familiar with. I hate cheerleaders. I'm not a people person. I'm not easily likable. I do talk a lot to people I know and like. I like to touch. I like to hump. I like to play the nervous game. Kevin won't let me touch/hump/nervous game to guys. I'm completely straight but sometimes I act gay. Let's face it, everybody at CNE likes to touch even if they're straight. My favorite foods are Peanut butter, baked potatoes, and soft pretzels. I hate sports. I only like Tennis. My favorite sport is band. I hate hunting. I hate animal cruelty. I love French and hope to have 4 years of French. I want to become fluent in French. I eat a lot of Chicken. I have been on 3 diets. I listen to Screamo and Techno. Songs bands/songs are my exception. I have many regrets but I like to live in the moment. I see life for what it truly is. I'm very optimistic. I have a mother and a father whom I don't get along with. I have an older sister and an older half-brother. My shoe size is 9 1/2. I wear a lot of black. I wear thick black eye shadow. My biggest fear is wasps and bees. I do not plan nor want to attend college. I want to be a waitress. My favorite games are sims games. I was born in Ohio. I live in Ohio. I am a heavy sleeper. I sleep with at least 4 pillows under my head and 3 heavy blankets. I vow to never smoke, drink, or do drugs. My best subject currently is Algebra. I'm good at spelling and grammar. I am a spelling Nazi and will correct you. I enjoy singing but not in front of people. My favorite flower is a black rose. I dream of getting one from somebody one day. I also dream of getting written a song and getting it sung to me. I don't do good under pressure. I hate getting put on the spot. I cry alot. I do shower daily. I freak out during thunderstorms. I love green eyes. I hate blue eyes. I hate cliches. I hate Converse. I do want one tattoo. I want it on my left wrist. I previously had size 4 gauges. I want to re gauge my ears to double 0's. I enjoy standing out. Getting called a freak is a compliment to me. My favorite word lately has been Penis. I am a virgin. My favorite band is Eyes Set to Kill. Look them up. I don't really have a favorite song. My favorite Youtube videos are DesandNate. Go look them up right now. You've never laughed so much in your entire life. I don't understand care talk. I'm not the best in school. I am in love with somebody right now who loves me back. Kevin Anthony Dehner II have been my boyfriend since March 31st 2010. I am planning on it being forever. He is exactly me, but with a Penis. We're just alike. I love him. My main best friends are Kevin, Amber, and Aaron. I collect scented candles. I'm am a strong Atheist. Don't talk about god to me. I will slap you. I don't force my religion on you, don't force yours onto me. I don't like drama. My favorite drink is vault. I do enjoy root beer and mountain dew. Orange Fanta is sex in a bottle. It is amazing. I have never had a monster. My favorite resteraunt is Crackle Barrel. I love horror movies. My favorite movie is The Ring. I do enjoy making out. I like a lot of tongue in it. I love magic tricks. Hugs make me feel better. Kevin won't let me hug guys. I do read, but I read Manga. My favorite books are Alone in the Dark and Chibi Vampire. I am an odd and strange person. You may find me random and bizarre. I love ice cream. It is my favorite dessert. My favorite fruit is lemons. My favorite gum is React 5 (the black one). I am double jointed in my thumb and can bend it so that it lies flat on my wrist. I hate scene chicks. I hate hair dye and artificial hair colors. I hate multicolored hair. I don't watch much television. My favorite show would be Ghost Hunters. I've never been to a just because party. My favorite name is Samarah. It is the little girl killer in The Ring. I think that it is a beautiful name. I have had 5 hamsters. I currently have a cat named Kitty Kitty and a mutt named Coby. My favorite animal is a cat. I hate monkeys, dolphins, and horses. I like to gleek on people. I love frills. I love Lolita dresses. I wish I were a better person. I enjoy biting. I have top and bottom fangs that are really sharp. I like hickeys. I am right handed. I am scared of oceans. I don't like many green foods. I am a very picky eater. I had my first kiss on April 2nd 2010 at 5:04 am in the CNE cafeteria near the end of the Lock In. With Kevin of course. I love cute things. I love stuffed animals. My favorite shape is a heart. I enjoy card games. I also enjoy chess. My favorite board game is The Game Of Life. I go to bed at around 11 at night. I do not cuss. I do say Hell. It doesn't exist nor is it a curse word. Gauges turn me on. I like shoulder length/ under the ear length of hair on guys. I like to be called beautiful. I do not have a nickname. I've never had a real nickname. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I do not have a hobby. I think we should have school all year round. I do not believe in revenge. I can not stand Twilight. I hate it. I honestly hate myself. My favorite season is Spring. I hate silence. I can't think when it's quiet. I prefer Facebook over Myspace. I like to blog. Small things make me happy. I prefer coldness over hotness. I believe in reincarnation. My biggest pet peeve is short texts. Do not send me one word text messages. I also hate slow texters. My favorite store is Hot Topic. Looks don't matter to me. I do believe in karma.
That enough of that. It is 11. And as you read above, it is my sleepy time. Goodnight. Sorry if this blog was long and boring.

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