Sunday, October 3, 2010


I ended up working the Pumpkin run all weekend! I love the Pumpkin Run. I even got to go to Kevin's last night for like two and half hours. It was great. I had an amazing time. Then he gave me this adorable bear! It's the cutest thing. It's our favorite colors. I'll sleep with it every night. My glasses should also be here in 10 or less days. I'm kinda excited for those too. Now all my vision headaches will stop and I'll actually be able to read stuff. I haven't decided if I'll wear them full time or not. Probably not but I'll wear them alot during the school day.
Lets talk about some stuff now. I hate it when you hate someone one day, talk to them like your best friends the next day, then you go back to hating each other. I mean seriously. What the hell? Your just sitting there having a nice conversation with them in class and you start thinking that you've made a new friend and then the next day they come in and they don't even bother to look at you. We're all people in this small world. Might as well get along. But there will always be somebody that hates you. Always. Not everybody is going to like you. And you're not going to like everyone.
Another thing I hate. Remember back in middle school (or maybe even high school) where you're just sitting there talking with your friends and then all of a sudden they say 'You two should go out!' Then it just gets all awkward. Or they say would say 'You two would make a cute couple' It always leads to awkwardness though. I mean, even still now people tell me and Aaron that we would make a cute couple even though I'm dating Kevin. It always awkward afterwards. Creepy.
There are so many movies I want to see right now. The ring 2. The Last Exorcism. The last house on the left. The haunting in Connecticut. Vampires Suck. Paranormal Activity 2. The sixth Sense. The Orphan. Drag me to Hell. Jennifer's Body. The Uninvited.
So many movies I'm dying to see. They all look so good and tempting! I love horror movies. I love the rush you get from them!
Panda's are cute. I want one. I also want a goat. I can feed it tin cans. Llama's spit. They're cool. I love milk duds. I wish I could get another hamster. I miss having the cute little things. Kevin never got to meet any. Trixie died 6 days before I met Kevin. That sucks. Long live Trixie! I also want more chickens. I liked them. I could use them for exercise right now. Chasing them is fun as hell. I have a tummy ache. I need to go to bed. It's going on eleven. I'll blame my tummy ache on that damn Klondike Bar. What would you do for a Klondike bar? I wouldn't do much. They break and fall and then there is ice cream everywhere. But yeah, I do need to go to sleep. Night.
So this first picture is from the amazing Chrissy Mullins. She is an amazing drawer. Here is the link for more of her great pictures. You should defiantly go there.

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