Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It all started, When I was born.

Okay so I don't know what triggered this, but I've been cursed with Tuesday Fever. As far as I know, I've always had my bad days, on Tuesday. I dread to live every Tuesday. Either something bad happens to me that affects me alot, or I just plain old have a bad day. I"ll be sad and grouchy. At least 3 out of the 5 hamsters I've had died on Tuesdays. My Grandpa died on a Tuesday. I'm just cursed with bad Tuesdays. Last week, I woke up last, Didn't get to straighten my hair much, Had to rush out the door, Then I had a crappy day. Today, My morning was fine, Then it went crappy as hell. I came home and it was even worse. My life is on a cycle. I swear. Mondays I'm wide awake and I had either an alright day or a good day. Tuesdays are always horrible. Wednesdays vary. Thursdays is my favorite day and it's either a good day or an okay day. Friday's are usually good. Saturdays and Sundays are a surprise. So according to that cycle I know how my day will be. I can't say I'm being the person I'm happy with and the persoon I want to be. I need to speak up and let my voice be heard. The only happy part of who I am is Kevin. He's the onnly thing I've gotten right so far. I'm reading a book with actual words. I'm not getting that far in it. Words bore me. It's called Kitty's House of Horrors. It's alright. I've read much better things though. I'm also reading (Manga) Black Bird, Bound Beauty, and Her Majesty's Dog. That's what I'm reading this week. My school books tht I am currently reading for English is Tuesdays With Morrie. Ugh. More Tuesdays. I don't know what I've done to get cursed. MAybe I did something to somebody on a Tuesday and I'm paying my debt of Karma.
So Thursday is the Varsity Show for Marching Band. All day during Band I was begging to get a part in a dance. Since we are a show band we dance for the audiences enjoyment. It's fun. At Varsity shows Mr. Moore chooses 8 people at random for each dance. I REALLY wanted to dance in at least one. Last year he focused more on juniors and seniors. This year he's doing all the grades. Which made me get my hopes up to dance. I didn't get a dance. But Allison, one of my Clarinet friends, really didn't want to dance. She talked to Mr. Moore at the end of class and got me to dance in her place. I was happy after that. I'm dancing in Thriller. I'm excited. Band banquet is in a few weeks. This Friday we don't have a game. Sad Karen. So my Friday will probably suck.
I am currently painting my nails with a nail/screw. It has to be perfect. It's gonna look sweet.
I love confession converstions. I realive all my stress and guilt. I get it all out.
Well that's all I have in mind. See you soon.
This time, I've decided on sidewalk chalk art. And a picture of my I did when I got bored the other day.

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