Monday, October 11, 2010


Ahh Homecoming. 'A Night in Hollywood' was the theme. Of course Kevin and I wore Purple and Black. Which isn't really Hollywood-ish. But it is our favorite colors. I looked fabulous and he looked extremely hott, or Handsome shall I say. He looked amazing. Hey, he always looks amazing. Him and his parents came over to our house at about 6. They took many pictures of us. Some of the pictures turned out really good. I'll add my favorites at the end. We are the cutest couple ever. His parents took us to homecoming. There, we met Amber a Zach. They didn't really match but they did make a cute couple, even if she doesn't like him. I tried to get them together. It didn't work. Instead I probably ended up ruining their homecoming.... But I had a great time. I slow danced with Kevin 3 or 4 times. Now he was the first guy I ever danced with. Lucky for me, that was his very first homecoming. He said it was amazing. I'm glad he had fun. To my luck, nobody else was wearing a Tiara and nobody else had my dress. I do think my dress was prettier than everybody else's. I also learned how to grind. Afterwards, My parents picked us up, took us to UDF, me and Kevin got a shake, then we went to his house. I managed to get maybe 5 minutes alone with him in his room. That's a different story. You don't need to know my personal life. I then left and that was the end of my Cinderella night. The clock struck midnight and I turned into that ordinary girl I was before. He had gotten me a beautiful pink corsage and he got a matching one for his shirt. He gave me this silver bracelet at homecoming for our 6 months too. It's really pretty. I love it. I love him. I got my glasses yesterday. They look good on me. A lot of poeple told me that they like them, today. Anyways, I can't think of much more to say. So here's the pictures.

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