Thursday, April 7, 2011

All Better!

Change is good. Right? Ehh. I'm not much for change but when I found out that nobody could post comments on my blog I jumped at trying to fix it. So my blog has been under construction for about 24 hours. What I had it changed to yesterday, I thought was good. I looked at it again when I got home and really looked like I puked all over the edit template page. My blog looked like I took a crap on it. So, I decided to change it to a picture of a star field. I enjoy stars. They're very pretty. I also changed my blog around by only putting one picture at the top, then some at the bottom, plus my playlist at the bottom. I know that some people may not like my music, and I apologize. If I could set it so that it doesn't turn on right when you enter my blog, I would. Sadly, I can't. I always listen to my blog's playlist though. I love it. I also thought of changing my URL to my blog. 'The screamo emo' just isn't working nowadays. I like it. It sounds good and I've had it for over a year. I just don't want people assuming that just because it says emo it means that my blog will be full of depressing crap. No. Wrong. I'm a very optimistic person and I try to always smile. I also don't listen to a whole lot of screamo nowadays. It's good on some days but I'm just not feeling it lately. I then decided to keep it cause I'm used to the name, and I'm sure you all are used to the name also. I enjoy it and maybe you all do too. Maybe I'll start doing random question in every post now since I fixed it so that people can comment on posts. Hmmm. I'll think about it. Well, that's my tiny update for now.

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