Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lame Saturday Night.

Hello world of Blogspot.

How are you on this Saturday evening?

It is currently 9:17 on Saturday night. Karen is not a party go-er. I usually have SOMETHING to do on Saturday night, but I literally have nothing to do. I've been on Runescape. LAME. Mining level is almost to 70 though, which makes me happy. Let's see..... Uhh, I've read. That's a party, right? My Saturday is boring. I have no minutes so I can't text anybody. Kevin's at a birthday party with a bunch of freshmen, so I can't talk to him. My mom and sister are both gone, so that leaves me with my dad. Whoa, that party animal. (Sarcasm). I could do homework........ HA! I'm funny. I've been listening to french music all day. I had to do a project on a french singer and I chose this really pretty french girl. Her voice is beautiful and her lyrics are amazing (if you look them up translated into English). You should go on Youtube and look up Jena Lee. She's amazing. I want to draw, but I don't know what to draw. I'm not that good at drawing. Wanna see some of my drawing? I'll go get my sketch book and take pictures of my drawings. Here you go.

I wouldn't say I'm a bad drawer, but I'm not that good. These are my pictures in my sketch book.This one is a girl trapped inside of a mirror. I used my charcoal pencils :3

I don't even know about this one. There's a cat popping up into the picture. The dude is trying to flick it. Don't ask =_=

I think this is me and Kevin. I'm kissing his cheek. and there is sparkles and hearts in the background? I don't know what I'm thinking when I draw....

I think this is supposed to be me. I think it looks really good. The legs are off though.

This is my worst picture. I dislike it times 1000. It just sucks.

This is obviously me and Kevin 10 years later. I think it's a cute like drawing. He's having trouble with the bottle because he's blond lol.

Random Pirate girl FTW. I drew this on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think it's a cute drawing.

This is my favorite of my drawings. She actually has tears in her eyes you just can't see them this far away. At the top it says "I'll sing a song about the past". I was actually going to write a story with that title. I eventually gave up on the idea. This was the main character, Evangeline Karianna Dellers and her life was filled with misery but she still looks towards her bright future.

Well, now you all know what my drawings look like. Comments?


  1. wow you are really good! I'd like to see more when you post <3 keep it up ;P