Monday, April 11, 2011

Hmmmm.... Rant?

Agh! Wanna know what really ticks me off? Okay, well I'm a quiet girl when I'm in class. I don't talk much (or at all). I'm not shy, I just hate people. Why talk to people I hate? So I'm a quiet person. So near the beginning of a new trimester the teachers go through and name off everybody first and last name. When the teacher calls my name, I don't say here, I just raise my hand. Well this happens every new trimester and every teacher. So they start saying my last name all like "Sal.......Sawl-yers?" And I don't even both correcting them because I have given up at this point. They always get it wrong and they always will. So out of nowhere a random stupid who doesn't even know me will correct the teacher and say "It's Sail-ors." What the hell? You don't even know me and yet you're trying pronounce my own last name for me. AND YOU PRONOUNCE IT WRONG! If you're gonna correct somebody, make sure the information you have is correct first! So I just sit there mad. They don't know how to pronounce it so why should they correct somebody? I'm pretty sure I know how to pronounce my own last name. It really makes me mad though, because it's pronounced EXACTLY HOW IT'S SPELLED. Is there a 'W' in it? No. So it's not Sawl-yers. Do the 'L' come before the 'W'? No. So it's not Say-lers. Is there an 'I' in it? No! It's not Sail-ors either. Every American can pronounce stuff like it's spelled. It's spelled like it's pronounced. Salyers. Therefore, Sal. It's just like in Sally. I don't see you throwing in random letters to Sally. Saylly. Saily. NO! Sal. Yers. Not Yours. There is no OU. It's like saying yours but with a southern accent. Salyers. IT'S NOT THAT HARD OF A LAST NAME, PEOPLE! Geez..... What is becoming of this world? Well, on the bright side. China isn't taking over the United States anytime soon, which is good.

I wish I could get on Runescape right now. I have about 10k experience left until 70 mining. Runescape is being stupid and keeps saying 'Error Loading server' everytime I try and log in. Well, I think I'll start doing the whole, question every post thing that I talked about once I got my Blogging swag back.

What is your favorite animal? (Be specific too. Like what type of dog, what type of cat etc.., and also color wise too)

My favorite animal is a tan/brown Himalayan Cat :D

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