Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That explains it!

I FINALLY figured it out! Okay, so when I was in Social Studies today, working on our Blogspots, I was told that my school blog was not working with comments. I was really, really confused why only mine wasn't working. Nobody could add a comment on any of my posts. I kept asking myself why it wasn't working. I asked Alex how my blog was different from his because his was working just fine. Even my posts said that they allow comments. All that mine was that his wasn't was that my blog had a background from Pyzam. (That's where I get all of my backgrounds) So I took of the background to see if it would work. Guess what? After I took off the background, my blog allowed comments! Then I realized something. This blog hasn't had any comments for over a year. Then I realized that I've almost always have had a Pyzam background on my main blog. This one. Then I tried to remember the last time I didn't have a background on this blog from Pyzam. Then I also noticed that it was about the time of the last comment that I received. I've always been sad that I never get any comments anymore. It was like my blog just dropped off the side of the Earth. Sooooooo. IN CONCLUSION! I'm really sorry for any inconvenience that you may have faced while trying to post a comment on one of my posts. I will start right now on finding a different background that does not affect the posting of comments. If you want, please comment some of my posts. You will make my day since I haven't gotten any in so long. Comments, to me, are like followers. It lets me know that my stuff if being read. i get so excited and pumped when I get a new follower on this blog, or even a comment in my chat box. I will be one happy camper if I start getting comments of my blogs now. I'm sorry twinkly animated star background, but I think it's time for us to part our separate ways. You were very good to me for almost a year. You lit up my blog and made it visually appealing, but this is the best for my blog. It's not me, it's you. No, seriously. You make it so nobody can comment. Goodbye pretty background, you will be missed.

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