Sunday, April 24, 2011

Merry Easter!

April Showers bring May Flowers..... So what do April Tornadoes bring?

Well one Wednesday we had really bad storms. Like, a bunch of areas in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio had a bunch of tornadoes. There was winds up to 80 miles per hour where I live. Me, being a wuss, am terrified of tornadoes. I just don't like to be put into situations where I think I'm gonna die. I have so much to live for! I haven't married Kevin yet! Well, I bawl my eyes out during watches and warnings. I'm not too scared of thunder storms, as long as there are no tornadoes. I just hate tornadoes. So my family, me, and my dog got in the car at 1 in the morning and drove next to my school. The school was brick, and it blocked the wind. We just sad there and watched the storm. I had to be on the phone with Kevin the whole time though because just hearing his voice keeps me calm. I wanted to go over to his house for the tornado, since his mom said we could and he has a basement we could've hid in. But, as always, I didn't get what I want.

This week I've been on spring break. I've been so lazy. I try setting my alarms for early in the morning but I never wake up. I'm a very heavy sleeper.

I kinda wish I had another hamster. I really really loved Trixie. She was probably my favorite hamster. I had her the same time I had Patunia. My first hamster was Fiona. She lived for 10 months. She was cute, but she bit a lot. She was light brown. My second hamster was Delilah. She was grey and white. She lived for a month. She was cute, also. My third hamster was Cassandra. She was fat. I don't remember her color. She lived about a month, too. With Delilah, I accidentally killed her. The day before her death, I fed her a tiny piece of a Vanilla Wafer. When I tell people that, I laugh and joke about it but I get really sad when I think about it. I'm living with the guilt. Then I had my fourth and fifth hamster at the same time. Putunia and Trixie. They were sisters and they played all the time. They also fought though. Patunia was brown with a white stripe and Trixie was black with a white stripe. I love hamsters they're soooooo cute! A little furball in your hand! Patunia lived for a year and a half and Trixie lived a little over two years. I was so attached to Trixie and was so sad when she died. I skipped school the next day because I felt crappy. I loved all of my hamsters, but Trixie was different. She never bit me. All of the others bit me repeatedly but Trixie went over two years with not one bite. She was so sweet. Kitty liked watching her in her hamster ball. About 5 days after she died, I met Kevin. Trixie died on that Tuesday and I met Kevin on Sunday. I feel bad that he never got to meet Trixie. I'll put pictures of her at the bottom.

HAPPY EASTER! I went to Kevin's today. I wanted him to go with us to my grandma's for Easter, but my parents thought we would be all over each other the the family will gossip and I'd be the family whore. Wonderful. Been together over a year and he hasn't met the rest of my family. He better soon, though. My grandma doesn't have much longer so I really want him to meet them. When I went to Kevin's we watched Easy A on Netflix. Then we went bowling with his parents and that was fun. Then we all went out to get ice cream. I had a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream malt. It was really good. After that, we went to white castle and we got a bunch of chicken. His family, being as sweet as they are, put me together a cute little Easter basket. They always get me stuff even though I hate gifts. I love his family. They're always thinking of me. I'm happy they like me.

Well, I hope you all have a Happy Easter! Stay out of Church! Don't get brainwashed!

What is your favorite Holiday, and why?

Here's my baby girl! She was Black at first. She borwned with age.Coby always loved Trixie. They were best friends!
And Here's my old frog, Bradford!

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  1. Christmas for presents! or Halloween for free candy lol