Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break is finally here!

Hello world!

Well, Let's see here....

Last post I ranted, soo.... This post I'll say what's up with me? Hmmm.... I finally got my mining level to 70 on Runescape with makes me a happy camper. We cleaned out the pond on Thursday...... Gross...... Kevin was supposed to come over on Tuesday but he didn't go to school cause he was sick. That was a bad day. Friday was the Lock In. Amber went with me. The Lock In was okay..... Not nearly as good as last year's. Kevin had a Short temper the whole night and he hung out with his two best friends the whole night. Grrr. I'm not good at sharing. Scratch that, I won't share. He's mine. I'm more important than them. They can go screw off. Chicks before dicks. Our school is weird. For breakfast, we had three big trash bags full of weird bagels, a trash bag full of two-foot long Baguettes, and giant cookies. What the hell kind of food is that? We used the Baguettes for sword fights though. Then what sucked is that Kevin's buddies spent the entire weekend with him, even though he knew I was coming over on Saturday. Yeah, that isn't happening anymore. They ruined my Saturday at Kevin's. They're like his pets. They won't leave him alone. Therefore, I didn't get any alone time with Kevin. Faggots. From now on, If I get permission to come over, and he has friends over that day, then he can screw off and just hang out with them. I don't mind staying home on the weekend. If they're there when Kevin and I decided a week before that I'm coming over, then it means that I'm apparently less important than them. He just needs to learn to say no to them. But we got to cuddle somewhat yesterday which was alright. I'm just never coming over when he has friends over. Plans don't always happen out the way I want them so oh well. What's the point of ever getting my hopes up? They always get ruined.

On the upside, Kevin and I are doing just fine. I think he's been a little stressed out lately cause he's had a short temper. Oh well, I'll get used to it. I mean, we are going to be together forever. Gotta get used to it now. I'll love him forever, no matter how many times we snap at each other.

Oh yeah! We exchanged our one year gifts yesterday (When his pets weren't all over him). I got him an engraved ring. It took 2 weeks for it to engrave, so that's why we exchanged yesterday. It's a spinner ring with X's on the spinning part. On the inside it says 'KAD & KLS 3.31.10'. He got me an engraved box and an engraved necklace. They're sooooooo pretty! Gah! I hate receiving gifts though cause I'm bad with thank you's with gifts. Here's the pictures!


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Here's the box. Every side is like a mirror.Top of the box. Inside my box. Sorry for the terrible focus. It says 3-31-10Heart and a key. this side says KAD & KLS

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